Dedicated to Creating a Space for Personal Expansion -

Upleveling Your Cosmic Connections, Creating Stronger Personal Relationships, & Supporting Vital Healing by Walking the Paths Less Followed...

Meet Daniella
(A.K.A. SavannahShad0w)

In all my time as a Seeker & Lightworker, I've searched for a way to sort through all the excess of alternative information out there -

and NOW I want to share what I've found...
WHAT WORKS, and most importantly HOW it works, in a way that will individually

enlighten and empower...

information that will give you back personal control in your life. 

 "We've all been taught knowledge is power...
But most of the world has no idea WHY they do the things they do, & they wonder why life is so painful & chaotic to them ...

But people like You and I... we're the seekers of the world...
We WANT to Evolve, & Explore the highest version of OURSELVES...
That's why we're here..."

~Daniella Alysse

~ Tummie Tuesdays ~
Virtual Studio
Build Self Confidence,
Release Traumas, &
Learn to Trust Your Body Again
with Movement!

By a BBW for BBWs & ALL Bodies w/ a Belly
Join your soul fam in the sacred dance circle through Zoom twice a month
where I will share with you how to decode the process of building up positive body image & self confidence, releasing traumas, and creating emotional resilience.
All while we're moving, dancing, & creating new, positive experiences with our bodies by HAVING FUN!


Unleash Your Potential

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What Clients & Students Say

“Thank you for this! I look forward to our time every week! It's been amazing these past months.... though uncomfortable at times I've grown tenfold! So thank you for lighting that spark that I needed to ignite the flames of the Phoenix!”

- Tina S.

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"